Our Aim of Pet Dog Training is to:


Provide training for pet dog owners to help your dog become a well-mannered and welcome member of your family and community.

Understand the basics of dog behaviour and responsible pet dog ownership so that your dog can look forward to a "forever" home with you


There are so many reasons to train your dog, but some are:

  • Training redirects your dog's natural behaviour to acceptable outlets.
    • Training builds your dog's behavioural repertoire.

      • The more acceptable behaviours a dog learns, the less room there is for undesirable behaviours.

        • Training is fun.

          • Training increases the odds that a dog will stay in the family for his lifetime rather than be given up due to behaviour issues.

Training makes it possible to engage in many more activities with a well-trained dog, such as:

  • Advanced training classes

  • Dog sports and games (trials)

  • Animal-assisted activities (i.e. visit nursing homes, hospitals, school visits)

  • Outings

  • Taking with you on holidays


COCT Inc holds classes for various levels of training:

  • Beginners       For dogs over 16 weeks old and fully vaccinated or those who have not had any formal training.               $120 for 7 week course

  • Intermediate   For dogs who have graduated from Beginners or who are assessed by a trainer to enter at this level.  $80.00 for 7 week course

  • Advanced       For dogs who have graduated from Intermediate or who are assessed by a trainer to enter at this level.  $80.00 for 7 week course

To Register for a course click Join or Renew in order to become a member and then Register for a course in Event page. 

Pet Dog Beginner Course 2024

COMPULSORY Introduction Talk - 7pm Heatley Clubhouse, NO DOG

Tuesday 23 January 2024

Tuesday 16 April 2024

Tuesday 09 July 2024

Tuesday 01 October 2024

Course Dates - Beginner, Intermediate, Advance

  • Intake 1:           Tuesday 30 January - Tuesday 12 March 2024         CLOSED
  • Intake 2:           Tuesday 23 April - Tuesday 04 June 2024                 CLOSED
  • Intake 3:           Tuesday 16 July - Tuesday 27 August 2024              OPEN
  • Intake 4:           Tuesday 08 October - Tuesday 19 November 2024 


Beginner course coverage:

  • Walk on loose lead

  • Settle on mat

  • Gaining your dog's attention

  • Creating hand signals

  • Sit, stand and drop

  • Recall

  • Handling and massage

  • Correct method of using food rewards

  • Basic dog behaviour and responsible pet ownership


Intermediate course coverage:

  • Build on the skills and behaviours learned in Pet Dog Beginners.

  • Introduction to Clicker

  • Car etiquette

  • Loose Lead Walking with Attention and Turns

  • Leave it

  • Give and Take

  • Targeting (say Hi)

  • Distance recall

  • Stay - adding distance and distraction

  • Handling - vet holds for ears and eyes

  • Loose lead walking - aiming for lead free walking

  • Meeting another dog

  • Stand

  • Stay/Wait for a purpose (gaining distance)

  • Wait at the door

  • Tolerance to separation

  • Stand for Examination

  • Target Stick

  • Rally Obedience

  • Prompt shaping.


Advance Course coverage:

  • Building on Intermediate skills learnt

  • Finish exercises

  • Recalls

  • Stays

  • Stand for examination/vet

  • Commence obedience trial skills